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Cable Television Is So 2011

For those occasions that you have an hour or two to veg out (you know, when your brain is too tired to participate), the old standby has always been the boob tube (that’s television for those non-American, unless you fancy looking at women’s apparel, in which case, go on with your bad self!). It’s there, probably looking at you now, waiting patiently for you to turn it on and endlessly channel surf until you realize that, in reality, there’s just nothing on. And if you have cable, then you have five times the channels to peruse and will still find nothing. Lucky you! I cut the cord (or cable I guess would be more appropriate) after my last move, just over a year ago, and haven’t missed cable television all too much. And my Abundantly Lush wallet loves having that extra seventy or so dollars a month available for more important things. Booze comes to mind.

I won’t lie and tell you that a vacuum wasn’t left after I stopped subscribing to cable. I did miss some of the shows that I used to pay half attention to while I multi-tasked or the melodramas that I find myself getting sucked into, all too easily. I’ve found that I can still watch most of those shows streaming over the internet. So in effect, I get cable and the net all for the cost of the internet alone. Bonus!

Websites where you may watch free content

I could go on a long rant about each and every television channel’s website, like,, or, but you most likely are aware that every channel has it’s own web presence by now. And if you didn’t know this, they do. I’m not here to direct you to any of them. They’re all easy to find and may or may not contain full episodes of their respective content. What I am going to talk about are the websites that either have their own content or are licensed to show others’ content. At least the ones that I pay attention to, that is.

1. Hulu: This is by far the website that I use the most. All of those channels I mentioned before allow some episodes of their respective series’ to stream with just a couple commercials. I generally end up watching current shows on Hulu when I get a moment as opposed to watching them live. And, they’re about to liven things up with their own original content.

2. YouTube: For just about everything else video on the net, YouTube is your best bet. I end up watching a fair bit of music videos here. Like indie artists Pomplamoose (who I’ll be seeing live on the 18th of this month. Michelle is so jealous!). And, South African Hip Hop artists, Die Antwoord, a band that my little brother introduced to me a couple of years ago and is Michelle’s current obsession. There’s plenty of other fun stuff to view, too, like vlogs. And YouTube is about to unveil some original content, as well.

3. Revision3: An internet based channel that has lots of geek culture/tech shows. They’re all pretty entertaining and informative. Diggnation was a great show (it just ended), but check out Lifehacker.

4. My Damn Channel: Also an internet based channel with many entertaining/comedic shows. Look at Daily Grace and You Suck At Photoshop.

5. College Humor / Funny or Die: These are not affiliated, but the content is similar. If you’re looking for something close to Comedy Central, these are the go to sites.

6. Everything Is Terrible: A part of the new found footage craze, this may very well be my new favorite guilty pleasure. There are a lot of old infomercials and video snippets from the glory days of awful attire, the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These videos, friends, are so bad, they’re fantastic!

And/Or, you could use Miro

Miro is a free app that allows you to collect video and audio podcasts on an RSS feed. In effect, this is the internet’s own equivalent of a DVR as the videos are downloaded directly to your computer. No streaming necessary and, once downloaded, you can watch or listen to them on the go without WiFi directly from Miro, as it has its own player. You can then keep the “episodes” as long as you like or clear the way for new content. Also, there’s an included link to download public domain content. Get your old movies, books, and recordings here, folks!

Some viewing suggestions

Check out the Totally Rad Show from revision3 with Alex Albrecht, Jeff Cannata, and Dan Trachtenberg for all things pop-culture. Their daily podcast reviews and comments on tv shows, movies, comic books, and video games. The three hosts are very knowledgeable (and amusing) as they all have worked in different facets of the entertainment industry. I use Miro to watch this.

And just one more. Watch You Deserve A Drink on YouTube. Shot and edited by Grace Helbig of Daily Grace, Mamrie Hart makes with the punny as she creates cocktails based around celebrity mishaps. This can be hit or miss, but is generally pretty fun.

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  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I AM jealous!

    Was “Everything is Terrible” where you found the [REDACTED] thing?

    It’s funny – Ariel and I were just talking about how long we’ve been television-free last night. After the first week, you don’t even miss it.

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