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Travel Update and Mutant Squirrel Statuary

Did I mention that I’m not crazy about travelling for business? Good. I’m still travelling for business. Raise your hand if you think two weeks is too long to be away from your home. Are all of your hands in the air? Mine, too. 

Imma whine for a minute. I miss my best friend, I miss coney islands, and I miss liquor.

Also, check out this weird thing I found in a souvenir shop.

If the squirrel is to scale, the implications are horrifying. No wonder the elephant is crying.

And that’s how people who are easily distracted by mutant squirrels whine.   Now I will tell you a few of the things I like about being a captive audience in my own life.

I have had my evenings more or less free, and without the vodka distractions I usually face when I’m at home, combined with the boredom of being stuck in a hotel room, I’ve had an opportunity to take part in the things I normally don’t have time for. And it just so happens that they’re frugal, so la-di-dah.

The last two weeks, I’ve been catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Most of them are related to frugal finances, business or crafty stuff, but at least one of them is scandalous and NSFW. I’m not going to tell you which one, I’m going to let you figure it out at work.

Just kidding.  Here are the blogs I’ve been catching up on:

1. The Frugal Girls. I subscribe to their blog, so I do get the deals and coupons they send in my email, but it was nice to read through some of their DIY cleaning product posts that I’d missed.

2. Suddenly Frugal. Another good place to find out about deals and specials. I was bummed that I missed out on the free paint, though.

3. Frugal Hacks. Nice, well-rounded blog covering a variety of topics.

4. Angry Chicken. A crafty blog. I love that her most recent post is about revamping little-worn clothes with a needle and thread. I can relate.

5. Ask A Manager. If you’re in management, or any kind of professional environment, Alison is the mentor you always wished you had. Great professional advise, including resume building and interview tips.

6. The Bloggess. This is the NSFW one. If you haven’t read it, you should be ashamed of yourself. And start reading immediately.


After I got caught up on all my blog-reading, I remembered that I hadn’t finished crocheting the project I’d brought with me, and that was bad because I was planning on wearing it on the plane to go home.

Tony cracked up over the fact that I packed clothes that weren’t finished being created yet on my business trip. You don’t do that? You don’t occasionally pack clothing hobby kits instead of packing clothes?

Anyway. I finished it. It’s a black shawlette to wear over a black, floral dress that shows a bit more skin than I’d like. If you like the pattern, you can get it free.

With a black, floral dress, the whole ensemble is kind of old lady widow-y, which, frankly, is an unintended bonus.  If you’re curious how this turns out when not made to look funerary, it makes a nice holiday shawl as well.  I made this one a few years ago to go over a black, sleeveless dress:

Like Ariel talked about earlier this week, we love our low start-up cost, high yield hobbies. Neither of my shawlettes cost more than $10 to make (the black one cost $5, the red one cost $10, and most of that was for the big, shiny button) and I got the added bonus of being able to make it the exact size I wanted and the exact color.

What’s your favorite frugal hobby?  What’s your favorite blog?  What do you think that giant squirrel is doing on the elephant’s head?  Do you think the sculptor had never seen an elephant in person and he/she thought that’s really how big they are?  Don’t you want to live in a world that has miniature elephants the size of those weird miniature ponies?

Oh man.  I’m homesick.  Two more days.

Michelle 2012

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