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YouTube is so 2012

I don’t have a television. I’m not amish, or particuarly self-righteous or political – I just don’t have a television/movie type of attention span, except for the occasional Hollywood Hooch, of course.

What I do have is the perfect attention span for new media, in the form of user-generated content. I can’t commit to a half-hour sitcom with canned-laughter, but I can happily commit to the occasional 5 minute vlog where I provide all the giggles myself.

Tony has already illustrated the advantages of ditching your television for online media, so I won’t reinvent the wheel here, but I will share with you some of my YouTube favorites.

This is not an exhaustive list (I follow hundreds of YouTube channels), this is just a short list of my favorites, in no particular order. And if you’re sensing a theme, congratulations, you’re college-smart. I follow exactly two types of channels on YouTube: food and humor, or as I like to call them, fumor. I basically have two philosophies in life: 1) low expectations are the key to happiness and 2) if it doesn’t make you laugh and you can’t throw some sriracha sauce on it and eat it, move along.

Without further ado, it is my honor and priviledge to present to you:

1. Daily Grace

NSFW on account of the swearing.

Although I miss her recently retired, completely vulgar catchphrase, I still gleefully tune in daily (!). Grace Helbig vlogs five days a week, meaning she officially vlogs more frequently than I shower. Half a cheer for hygeine.

2. Food Wishes

SFW but will make you hungry – try and watch after lunch to minimize the need for snacks.  See how I look out for you?

Although Chef John’s recipes aren’t necessarily frugal, it’s still cheaper to cook yourself fancy food than to go buy fancy food in a fancy restaurant. Actually, the video I’m sharing is super frugal, and surprisingly awesome, considering it only has two ingredients:

3. You Deserve a Drink

NSFW on account of the swearing and spontaneous jokes about crotches.

Pulling puns from whatever pop-culture is currently popping or culturing, Mamrie Hart serves up saucy humor and, frankly, hit-or-miss cocktails. I’m not brave enough to try most of her drinks, but she’s still a fave to watch:

4. Cooking With Dog

SFW – will make  you hungry and might make you want to learn how to speak Japanese.

The only cooking show narrated by a dog that Abundantly Lush officially endorses – cooking With Dog features fantastic Japanese recipes. Unfortunately, new videos won’t be posted for a while as Chef is recovering from a serious accident (she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle), but there are plenty of archives for you to catch up on while you wait.

5. OMFG It’s Jack and Dean

NSFW – swearing.  Delicious, hilarious swearing.

Genius comedy from adorable English boys. Tony was responsible for this addiction – nice find! I can’t get enough of these kids.

6. Live Prude Girls

NSFW – swearing, phony-cattiness and super aggressive teen werewolves.

Internet celebreties who do mean, vaguely hostile interview of other internet celebreties. Let’s talk about something more interesting, indeed.

If you’ve already given up television, hopefully this will help you stay on track. If you haven’t given up on television already, perhaps these will tempt you! Either way, share your favorite indie-media in the comments!

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